What is there to know about Jarrett Sullivan?

I grew up in Hickory, North Carolina. In High School I developed a love for the Theatre which lead me down a long winding path.

After starting Greensboro College as a Theatre major, I decided it wasn't for me and switch to History. By my senior year I realized I actually did want to be in the Arts but it was too late to change majors and graduate on time. So I did what any reasonable person would do, and auditioned for as many shows as possible winning the "More Roles than all the Dudes" award from the Senior Theatre Class of 2005.


After graduation I moved to NYC and began the tast of being an actor, and by that I mean that I started waiting tables.


I took class at the  T. Shrieber Studio, performed in numerous Off & Off-Off Broadway Shows. Won the Jack Lemon Jr. Award for Best Actor.


But waiting tables was drestroying me, so I considered leaving that life behind.


My good friend Tom convinced me to work with him in Production, and I found a new Love.


Being behind the camera has given me much joy and I hope to continue working behind it till I drop.

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