Jarrett Sullivan               


Born: 5/23/83  Eyes: Brown     Hair: Red/Brown     6’ tall,  170lbs     





My Brother’s Keeper                           Thomas Morgan (lead)            Cool Journey Studios


Switching Places                                Pete the Gunman                     Monrovia Pictures


Marty                                                    Angie                                       Brooklyn College


The Way It Happened                          Boyfriend/Victim (lead)            NYFA


The Visitor                                           Warrant Officer Michael Westcott       Ian Ross Productions


Wandering                                           Lead                                        GC Film Div


MasterCard Commercial                    Club Goer                                NYFA





The Dinosaur & The Freak                       The Dinosaur                           Manhattan Rep Winterfest


Torrid Taxes                                               Chance Goldblatt CPA            NYC Fringe Festival (Best Actor Nomination)


Fingerman                                                 Dex Pointer aka Fingerman    NYC International Cringe Festival (Jack Lemon Jr. Best Actor Award)


Swamp Ho                                                 Bart I, II, III, IV                           NYC International Cringe Festival ‘09


Nina in the Morning                                    Robert, James, Lala                Michael Chekhov Theatre Company NYC


A Lonely Impulse of Delight                      Jim (principle)                           Michael Chekhov Theatre Company NYC


The Greatest in the Whole Wide World   Charles                                     NYC International Cringe Festival ‘07


Wounded Hopes                                       Younger (principle)                   Impact Theater Brooklyn


Down the Road                                         William Reach                         KCACTF Region IV


The Medium                                               Toby                                        Huggins Theatre (Summerstock)


To Kill a Mockingbird                                  Judge Taylor                            Huggins Theatre (Summerstock)


The Music Man                                           Olin Brit (Barbershop Bass)   Huggins Theatre (Summerstock)





Scene Study Jan 06-Sept 07                 T. Schreiber Studio                  Peter Jensen


Body Dynamics                                      T. Schreiber Studio                  Carol Reynolds


Hagen, Stanislavski, Meisner                Greensboro College                 David Schram


Acting for the Camera                           Greensboro College                 Dan Seaman




Extra Skills


Vocalist Bass/Baritone

Plays basic Piano and Guitar



Physical ComedyIn styles of Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers


Stage Combat: Swords and Street Brawling, fisticuffs.


Eagle Scout


B.A. in History, specializing in European and Ancient Civilizations





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